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Puja Hawan

We have full team of well versed Brahmin and Purohit to perform any kind of karamkand and rituals, like moolshanti, grahshanti, pitradosh shanti, maha-mrityunjay yagya etc.

Puja is the Hindu ritual of worshiping God in a systematic manner as prescribed in the Vedic scriptures. An idol or image or symbol of the deity is kept and worshiped by chanting the mantras & verses. The various names of the deity and the mantras are recited. The number of times they are recited depends on one’s convenience, capacity and time (Yatha Shakti). Some recite 108 times, or 1008 or more. Various offerings like fruits, flowers, camphor, sweets, milk etc. are offered. These are called Shodasa Upacharas. It is a way of expressing ones faith in God, a way of seeking salvation and a way of seeking His blessings to ward off the troubles and to ask Him to grant ones desired goals and objectives.