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Astrology Courses in pitampura|Best Astrologer in pitampura


Astrology in Pitampura

So, why should we seek the advice of an astrologer? Isn't it true that whatever has to happen will happen? Yes, Vedic astrology describes the same, except that when a person is born, a snapshot of the stars in the solar network is taken, and the arrangement is fixed as we watch from the ground, giving rise to our Lagna chart. The yoga built, whether good or bad, coincidence, prosperity, connection, progeny, and other components are all in front of us, but if you consult an expert astrologer like Dr. Monika Shrimani, you will receive advice on how things will be in the future..

Dr. Monika Shrimani is a well-known name among top astrologers in Pitampura who is knowledgeable in all elements of Vedic astrology and has a wealth of experience in the field. Vedic Astrology, Matchmaking, Birth Charts, Kundalis, Medical Astrology, Numerology, and Female Astrology are among the services she offers.

Dr. Monika Shrimani, who runs the premier Astrology courses in Pitampura , uses astrology to generate an accurate natal chart horoscope in order to assess one's personality qualities as well as many other aspects of life in order to predict innumerable critical future events.

The five Major Advantages of Consulting Dr. Monika Shrimani are :

1. Uderstanding yourself and your courage

By reviewing your chart, an astrologer can advise you on your strengths and identity. Your ascendant's zodiac and planets' positions, as well as sighing on it, give you a positive feeling.

2. Relationships

A good astrologer can help you relate to the humanity around you in a variety of ways. These houses that indicate connections, such as the 4th house for the mother and different other house for the family members, can be analysed by reputable astrologists. Good astrologers can help you rebuild your relationships by providing you with fruitful remedies.

3. Career

A good astrologer will look into your 10th house and advise you on what kind of career you're likely to excel in and where you should focus your efforts. This is one of the main reasons why individuals should think about hiring a good astrologer. For example, if Saturn is associated with the 10th house, it indicates a legal career; Mars is associated with the army or a physician; the sun represents administration; Mercury is associated with the economy; Jupiter with education; and Venus with a beautiful career.

4. Marriage

Horoscope matching has been done in our country for generations. The astute astrologer will look at their ascendant as well as their basic gun Milan and mangal dosh. To see if the ascendant lords are ferrous to each other and if the moon Rashi is compatible or not, look at the ascendant lords and the moon Rashi. The 4th house is a significator of domestic stability and matrimonial prosperity. The 7th house, which is proportional to age and the wife's prosperity, must also be surveyed. One can create marriage forecasts using the D-9 chart.

5. Health

It is a well-known fact that health is wealth. If you're having health problems, you might consider consulting a skilled astrologer. There are other astrological remedies, such as wearing a stone or looking at your natal chart, which can help you get out of a bind. If you are facing a problem in life and want a solution and wish to connect with the Best Astrologer in Pitampura, you can visit our website or contact us directly for the best Astrology in Pitampura by Dr. Monika Shrimani.

Visit our website or contact us personally if you have any questions regarding the classes or want to schedule a session for Astrology in Pitampura.

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