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Astrology Courses in Delhi

Astrology is an ancient method to study the position of the planet which is the source due to which human affair and terrestrial events occur. If you are aware of the future facts then you can take precautions for the same with the help of astrology. It can bring up the good work and helps in leading a good life by avoiding the problems coming in the future.

There are so many people who all are passionate about astrology and want to make their career in this particular field. For such people, Brham Astro Research Centre provides the best courses in astrology in Delhi with registered certification. Dr Monika Shrimani wants that our youth carry forwards our legacy of astrology to the next generations i.e. why we are encouraging people to enroll themselves in our astrology courses.


Brham Astro Research Center offers two types of astrology courses in Delhi.
Following are the types:


The basic course duration is for 3 months.
It includes

    1.Basic Calculations
    2.Horoscope Prediction
    3.Planets and their characteristics
    4.How to study the position of planet?


The advance course duration is for 4 months.
It includes

    1.The Advance Calculations of Astrology
    2.Detailed Horoscope Predictions.
    3.Match Making via kundali.
    4.How to read kundali?
    5.Study of planets and their position.

Course Duration:-

Astrology - 1 Year

Vastu - 6 months

Tarot - 25 Classes

Numerology - 25 Classes

Palmistry - 6 months

NOTE: All the courses can be done through correspondence


Contact us today at:-
Phone No.- +91 9871683264, +91 7678676536
Email - info@brhamastro.in

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