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Astrologer in Delhi, Rohini | Best Astrologer in Delhi


Astrologer in Delhi

Astrology is a Science that depends solely on scientific calculations and formulae, which explain the effect of stars on human beings, be it positive or negative.Those who have faith in this Science know that it is not above the Almighty and is solely dependent on perfect calculations. As a human being takes birth on this planet on a particular date, time and place, he gets the effects of planetary position in the sky at that time. This affects one’s attitude, body makeup, lifestyle, outlook, career, wealth, etc. this is the magnificent world of Astrology.


Many people who are unaware about the scientific aspect of astrology think it to be a ritual, taboo, cult, etc. But Maharshi College of Vedic Astrology strives to change this myth. It aims at removing such wrong concepts about Astrology and tell the world that this infect a Science rather than mysticism or cult or superstition.Maharshi College of Vedic Astrology has a vision to encourage people to adopt Astrology as a career and help relieve the suffering people and guide them to a better life style, path, future, destination, business, arts, etc.

We offer our services regarding horoscope prediction. For accurate predictions, we require the exact time of birth from our clients to eradicate any confusions. Our accurate prediction enables in determining the exact problem area. We suggest them with possible remedial solutions as well, which can be of immense help.

Through critical evaluation of the horoscope, our Astrologer in Delhi, Rohini can predict about each and every sphere of individual life such as:
1. Career & Education
2. Health
3. Marriage
4. Family
5. Children
6. Property & Conveyance
7. Spiritual Gains
8. Color that suits you
9. Nature & Characteristics
10. Foreign Travel
11. Any other important observation
12. Gems that suits you
13. Number that suits you
14. Other Remedies


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