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Child Birth Report

Child Birth Report

Child Birth is essential for every couple. The nascence of a child is considered to be extremely good news. Every couple awaits this news from the day they tie the knot of marriage. However not everyone is blessed with the joy of having a child which completes a family. A progeny report can help you know the reason behind why you have been deprived from this fruition. In addition it suggests the remedial measures to be taken in order to get rid of the problem. If the suggested remedies and procedures are followed properly, the possibilities for the childbirth become apparent in your destiny. Some question which disturbs you every so often

* When will I have a child?
* Will the mother face any problems during the tenure of pregnancy?
* Would there be a miscarriage?
* Why can’t I have a child?

To answer all your questions and to show a path of hopes, we deliver a progeny report to make you free from every kind of apprehensions. We understand the sensitivity of the matter of progeny and the curiosity associated with it is. The couples seeking for astrologic consultation should surely opt for a progeny report. Our astrologers deeply analyze your birth chart and clearly mention whether the couple will be blessed with a child or not. In addition it contains the astral remedies which can rectify the problems in your birth chart and please the planets.

Child Birth
Ask one question (reply with in 72 Hours.) Progeny prospectsINR 600$ 15
Ask one question (reply with in 36 Hours) Life aheadINR 1100$ 25
3 question on same topic to get composite answer with remedyINR 1701$ 90
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