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Love Report

Love Report

Love rules the Human’s Heart! Love is on your mind every time and you give utmost importance to your beloved. Not everyone meet with the dream prince or princess. In addition it is not essential that your dream prince/princess make you feel special or the way you want. A love report can resolve the dating problems and complexities, which exist in a love relationship and a love marriage. The Love Report by astrologer contains the comparison made between your basic birth chart and the one you are in love with. The conclusion evinces the actual compatibility in physical and platonic attraction, spirituality, physiology, ideology, emotional quotient along with mutual understanding, percentage of dedication and trueness of love. Some particular question for your love life might evolve by the time

* Will I meet with my dream girl/guy?
* Why my love relationship not peaceful?
* Will my love marriage be successful?
* How can I fill harmony in my love relationship?
* What should be done to win the heart of someone I love a lot?

You might have made many efforts to answer the questions coming in your mind, but didn’t get any satisfying answer. We destroy every problem of love with the help of an astrology match consultant who hold a considerable experience in handling love problems. It happens many times that your husband is no more the same he was before marriage. The vigor and selfless attachment no more exist in your love relation. A Love Match Report gives satiating answers of your personal problems. With the help of a love report, you get to know the main reasons of conflicts, clash of opinions, disputes, arguments and tension in a love relationship.

Love Report
Ask one question (reply with in 72 H.) Love predictionINR 600$ 15
Ask one question (reply with in 36 H) Love predictionINR 1100$ 25
3 question on same topic to get composite answer with remedyINR 1701$ 90
Marriage prospectsINR 600$ 15
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